Double Internet (2017)


Performance documentation from my show Double Internet at Temper, a gallery that is a tennis court that existed purely for the duration of this show, from 6-9pm on the 22/7/2017. Double Internet is a discussion about forgetting and loss, featuring two performance works that were not witnessed by the absent audience. 

The first performance consisted of the unfolding of a banner of Rupert Bunny's Dolce farniente (1897) draping it on the net, a symbol of the art object as one of avoidance and temporality, while also contextualising the mediated image as a means by which one quantifies competition in the arts. 

This was followed by a re-performance of an undocumented 2013 work in which the artist spreads handfuls of seeds that will in time take root in the cracks of the court and bloom into flowers long after the performance is over and forgotten. 

The show was announced a month prior on twitter with specific instructions as to the layout, time and location of the show, however no further advertising was presented, resulting in the show being unattended by those invited. 

The show exists as an archive on the artists website as three images taken before, during and after the performances.